Garbage Collection


Christmas Tree Collection: January 2-11, 2018

  • Remove all lights, ornaments, and stands from the tree.
  • Make sure the tree is not wrapped in any plastic or placed inside a plastic bag.
  • Christmas trees will be picked up on the regular scheduled collection day
  • Christmas trees will be picked up at the regular collection point
  •  Apartment Complexes should set Christmas trees by the dumpster for collection
  • A separate truck will collect the Christmas trees to be recycled.

Four-Day Residential Garbage Collection


 Waste Collection Standards

  • Ashes must be in a box and not in trash cans
  • Branches must be less than four feet long, tied in bundles and weigh less than 50 pounds
  • Dumpsters at apartment sites must be free of snow and ice
  • Dumpsters must not be blocked by parked cars or other items
  • Garbage is collected once a week
  • Garbage containers may not be stored on the boulevard
  • Garbage must be bagged
  • Garbage must be light enough for one man to lift
  • Garbage must be placed within 3 feet of curb or alley
  • Garbage must be set out by 6:00 a.m. on your scheduled pickup day
  • Private garbage containers cannot exceed 35 gallons
  • Proper disposal of sharps
  • Regulations for City Issued Waste Containers

Unacceptable Garbage

  • Items will not be collected on the regular garbage route.
  • Items may be taken to the landfill. Disposal Fees will apply.
Item Item Item
Appliances Dirt Propane Tanks
Box Springs and Matresses Electronics Rocks
Building Material Furniture Items Sod
Carpet Hazardous Waste         Tires
Concrete Oil  

Apartment Dumpster Rental Fees

Please email or call us at 701-355-1700, option 1, if you need a container for  multiple unit apartment buildings, condos, and townhouses.  Click here for dumpster rental fees.

Clean-Up Weeks


Commercial Garbage Haulers

Persons with a waste collection franchise granted by the Board of City Commissioners  may collect garbage, rubbish or other solid waste from mobile home parks and locations other than residences and city facilities and convey such materials to the city landfill.

Waste Collection Charge (included on your Public Works Utility Bill)

Description Rate
Per Living Unit  $13.00
Recycling (per living unit for all City residents with individual waste collection)  $4.23
Landfill Fee
Will be applied to all Commercial Accounts or on Mixed Use properties when garbage service is not picked up for the residential living units on the property. Each residential living unit will have the landfill fee applied if the Mixed Use property has a commercial garbage hauler under contract with the commercial entity on the property.