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  1. Proficiency Test Now Required for Archery Hunter Participation in City Bow Hunting Program

    This year, the Bismarck Police Dept. will implement a proficiency test prior to being eligible to take part in the City Bow Hunting Program. The test will consist of making four out of five shots in a nine-inch circle from an elevated platform at 20 yds. Read on...
  2. Bismarck Mayor’s Prayer Luncheon to be Held May 8

    The annual Bismarck Mayor’s Prayer Luncheon, will be held May 8, from 12:00 Noon until 1:00 p.m. at Ramkota Inn, 800 South Third St., Bismarck. To make reservations call Travis Rau, 701-355-1894. Proceeds benefit the Crisis Care Chaplaincy program. Read on...
  3. Bismarck Police Remind Motorists: Stop for School Buses with Flashing Red Lights

    Today the Bismarck Police Department issued a reminder to motorists to stop for school buses displaying flashing red lights. The fee for violating this law is $100 and six points. Read on...
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