Posted on: May 18, 2017

City Administrator Announces Outcome of Mayoral Recall Petition - No Recall for Mayor Seminary

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Today, at 4 p.m., City Administrator Keith Hunke announced the outcome of the Mayoral recall petition.  “There will be no Mayoral recall election,” said Hunke.

On April 18, the City Administrator received 93 petitions from the recall committee requesting that Mike Seminary, Mayor of Bismarck be recalled.  “The first step in the process was to apply unique numbers to each petition, numbered one through 93 to each petition,” said Hunke.  Then we marked out persons with non-Bismarck addresses and those who lived outside of city limits.  It was during this review that we noticed inconsistencies such as duplicate entries, incomplete entries, illegible entries, similar hand-writing, non-existing addresses, and questionable date range sequences.  The various inconsistencies were noted and highlighted on the petitions.  “Given the number and type of inconsistencies, we sought guidance from the Secretary of State on how to address the inconsistencies,” said Hunke. “We also sought assistance from the Bureau of Criminal investigation who interviewed persons that might be able to help us resolve the inconsistencies. We’ve taken the interview information and the Secretary of State’s guidance in determining the outcome of the petition verification process.”

The recall committee turned in a total of 2,405 signatures. The following data is an accounting of the signatures disqualified:

•305 due to non-Bismarck or non-existing addresses

•198 due to unqualified petition circulators

•136 due to incomplete or illegible entries

•29 due to duplications and non-eligible voters

•667 is the total number of disqualified signatures

Hunke said, “This leaves 1,738 qualified signatures which is short of the 1,898 required for me to call for the recall election.”  

Mayor Seminary responded to the news and said, “I’m incredibly appreciative of all the hard work, overtime and attention to detail City staff put into this effort. I’m the Mayor of the City of Bismarck and we have a lot of work to do,” said Mayor Seminary. 

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