Flash Floods

Floods - The Awesome Power
Turn around - don't drown! Learn about floods and flash floods.

Flood Safety - National Weather Service
Turn Around - Don't Drown!

Flood Preparedness

Flood Preparedness
Topics include flood outlook, sandbags, preparedness guidance, and flood maps.

Flood Preparedness - ND Department of Emergency Services
Sandbagging techniques and proper use of using pumps

During a Flood

During a Flood
FEMA provides tips for staying safe during a flood.   Also provides general guidance on what to do before and after a flood.

Flood Recovery

After the Flood
ND Department of Emergency Services provides helpful flood recovery documents regarding cleaning and repairing flooded basements, first entry of a flooded home, salvaging food after a flood, and other flood recovery issues.

Flood Clean Up Health and Safety Information

ND Department of Health

After A Flood
General Guidance from FEMA

Recovery From and Coping with Flood Damaged Property