Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)


The Planning Division administers HUD grant programs for the City.

The City receives an annual allocation of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These funds must be used for community activities that primarily benefit low and moderate income persons or for removal of slum and blight.

The City of Bismarck receives funding through the Federal Government's U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for housing and the community development programs. The City is an "entitlement community" for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds which may be used to address the housing and community development needs of the community, particularly the needs of residents who are low and moderate-income.
As an entitlement community, the City may develop its own program and funding priorities. Every five years. the City adopts a Consolidated Plan explaining the community's needs and priorities as well as the programs and projects it intends to fund.
Annually, the City adopts an Annual Action Plan that explains how the City will use its CDBG funds during the individual fiscal year. Annual Action Plans become a part of the Consolidated Plan.

Program Requirements

CDBG funds must be used primarily for the benefit of low and moderate-income persons. Generally, CDBG funds may be for the following, subject to federal regulations:

  • Acquisition of real property 
  • Relocation and demolition 
  • Rehabilitation of residential and non-residential structures 
  • Construction of public facilities and improvements 
  • Public services (subject to the funding cap explained below) 
  • Planning and administration (subject to the funding cap explained below)

Each year, a maximum of 15% of funds may be used for public services, a maximum of 20% may be used for grant administration, and at least 65% is used for housing programs, public facilities, infrastructure improvements, and other uses allowed under federal regulations. Programs and services may be delivered directly by the City of Bismarck, or the City may make subgrants to agencies to carry-out eligible programs and projects.
The Consolidated Plan/Annual Action process begins in the spring of each year when CDBG grant application forms are made available by the City. Next, the City holds two public hearings concerning the Consolidated Plan (every five years) and Annual Action Plan (annually) to determine the priority housing and community development needs of the City. After the first public hearing, a draft Consolidated Plan and/or Annual Action Plan is made available for a 30-day public comment period. The second public hearing is held prior to submission of the Consolidated Plan/Annual Action Plan to HUD; or at the conclusion of the 30-day public comment period. Usually, the Consolidated Plan and/or Annual Action Plan is adopted by the City Board at the conclusion of the second public hearing.

The Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) provides a yearly accounting of CDBG funds allocated towards the implementation of the goals and objectives outlined in the Five-Year Strategic Plan included in the Consolidated Plan. Each year, the CAPER is made available on the City’s website in July for a 15 day comment period.
For more information on the City's CDBG program, contact the CDBG Program Administrator Hilary Balzum  at (701) 355-1840.    

Resources for Subrecipients

Resources & Information 

CDBG Annual Action Plans

Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Reports

Fair Housing Information

The Federal Fair Housing Act prohibits housing discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, familial status, disability, sexual orientation, and disability. Buyers, tenant, or former or prospective tenant who believe to have been the target of unlawful discrimination are encouraged to file a complaint to the North Dakota Department of Labor and Human Rights.

Department of Labor and Human Rights

600 East Boulevard Ave Dept. 406

Bismarck, ND 58505-0340

Online complaint form:

701-328-2660, 1-800-582-8032 or 1-800-399-6888 In-state toll-free

1-800-366-6889 TTY (Relay ND)


Website:  Home | Department of Labor and Human Rights

The department of labor and human rights will contact you within 30 days of complaint submission. The complaint will be assigned to an investigator who will review and investigate your complaint. For an explanation of the processes and timeframes for investigation, conciliation, and public hearings concerning complaints, please contact the Department of Planning & Community Development.

2015 City of Bismarck Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice

For additional information on the HUD Grant Programs, contact Hilary Balzum or Kim Lee.