Safety House

Put Education first when it has to do with your kids.

Bismarck Fire Department now has a new learning tool for KIDS. The safety house is a hands on learning tool that gives children and their family’s the skills and knowledge they need to create safer homes and communities.

It is a mobile classroom featuring real life hazards, like smoke and heat. This creates an environment that provides children with the knowledge needed to prevent fires and steps to follow if they find themselves in a fire situation.

This unique safety house is equipped with a weather smart package for tornado safety. Both children and adults can participate in a severe weather simulation and are taught to recognize weather warnings and the steps to follow to stay safe when weather threatens.

They can be taught how to climb out a window in case of an emergency, touch a warm door and learn what to say when calling 911.

Features include a kitchen area, bleacher sitting area/living room area, non-toxic water based smoke system, 911 phone system and bedroom with a heated door which is monitored by a control room operator.

Future plans for the safety house includes demonstrations for schools, businesses and civic events in the Bismarck community.

If your group or organization is interested in using the safety house, please contact the Bismarck Fire Department, Administration office at (701) 355-1400. Safety House Permission Form.

Safety House

Safety Trailer