Curbside Recycling

The City of Bismarck offers single-sort curbside recycling for single family and duplex homes.  Waste Management will collect recycling every other week between 6 am and 5 pm on the designated service day.

Collection Guidelines

  • Single-sort recycling makes it easy to recycling. All recyclables collected in one can.
  • Recycling is collected every other week.  Refer to Recycling Collection Schedule.
  • Recycling service day is designated as the Green Week or the Gold Week.  See Recycling Route Map.
  • Place your carts at the curb no later than 6 am the day of collection.
  • Remove carts from the curb after 5pm and no later than the evening of your collection day.
  • Holiday Schedule - If a scheduled collection day falls on a holiday or the day after, collection will be delayed one day.  Refer to Holiday Schedule.

Recycling Drop Site

Recycling single-sort drop site is located at the Bismarck Landfill – only available during hours of operation.

Note: For residential use only.  Not for commercial use.

The recycling drop site is located west of the scale house and on the south side of the road as you enter the landfill. The recycling drop site at the Bismarck landfill will operate during regularly scheduled business hours.

We need your help to make recycling economically and environmentally sustainable. Certain offenders, like bagged recyclables or loose plastic bags, can slow down the recycling process or even ruin the whole load.  Refer to Recycling Material Accepted and Not Accepted.

Recycling Materials Acceptable and Not Acceptable

Recycling accepted_not accepted