Downtown Design Review



The purpose of downtown design review is to create and maintain a high visual quality and appearance for the Downtown districts. The regulations are intended to ensure that new buildings, building additions, façade alterations, building rehabilitations, and signage are compatible with the character of the downtown districts and fit into their surroundings. 

All new buildings, building additions, façade alterations (both structural and non-structural), demolition of existing buildings, signage, streetscape installation or modification, fences, lighting and improvements within the public right-of-way within the DC - Downtown Core or DF – Downtown Fringe zoning districts are be subject to the City’s downtown design review procedures and guidelines established in the Downtown Design Guidelines document and must be approved by the Renaissance Zone Authority prior to issuance of any permits.

Requirements and Information

Project documents are due by 5:00 pm on the Monday that is 24 days prior to a scheduled Renaissance Zone Authority meeting (as shown on the Meeting Schedule and Application Deadlines.

Downtown Design Review Application

Downtown Design Guidelines

Downtown Streetscape Standards
DC – Downtown Core Ordinance Requirements (Title 14 Section 14-04-21.1)
DF – Downtown Fringe Ordinance Requirements (Title 14 Section 14-04-21.2)

Downtown Sign Requirements (Title 14 Section 14-03.1-09)

Renaissance Zone Authority 

The Renaissance Zone Authority is a seven member advisory board that makes recommendations on requests for designation as a Renaissance Zone project. The Renaissance Zone Authority also provides guidance on Downtown Design Review and other activities impacting the core of the community. 

Agendas, minutes and additional information are available on the Renaissance Zone Authority page.

 For additional information on Downtown Design Review, contact 
Daniel Nairn.