Yard Waste Drop Site Locations

Branches in grass dumpster sign

The City of Bismarck yard waste collection sites are very popular, and we want to keep these sites available to our residents.


The only materials that are to be placed into the dumpsters are grass clippings and leaves.  Branches, garbage, and bags of any kind are NOT allowed.  If you bring bagged grass to the dumpster, please dump the grass into the dumpster then dispose of the bags in the trash receptacle that is located on site.   The yard waste collection program is an effective method to reduce the amount of waste that goes into the land fill and allows the yard waste to be recycled into mulch for continued use.  When used properly, these sites save the city money and allows that savings to be passed down to the citizens by keeping the landfill disposal fees lower.  


Tree branches may be taken to the landfill or cut into 4-foot lengths and bundled together and placed out for collection on your regularly scheduled garbage collection day. 


  • Do Not dump grass on the ground. If containers are full, please set grass bags by the containers.
  • If you have a trailer full of grass, please empty it at the landfill during landfill hours of operation.
  • Yard waste should not contain animal waste.
  • Do Not place any plastic bags in the yard waste containers.

Acceptable items 

  • Flowers
  • Garden Waste
  • Grass
  • Leaves

Not Accepted Items

  • Branches
  • Garbage
  • Shrubs
  • Sod
  • Trees


Yard Waste Drop Sites Map (click here)

Note: This map is under construction and may not reflect all 2023 locations. Google Chrome works best to view the map

1. Sante Fe Ave & 12th St (Cottonwood Park parking lot)

2.  Riverwood Golf Course parking lot

3. Thayer Ave & Griffin St

4. Optimist Park (16th St & Spaulding Ave)

5. Lion’s Hillside Park (17th St & Ave F)

6. Landfill (Miriam Ave & 52nd St)

7. Calgary Dr & Pebbleview Loop

8. Tatley Park north end (Airport Rd & Michigan Ave)

9. Missouri Valley Fairgrounds

10. Georgia St & Park Ave

11. 19th & Oregon Dr (dead-end)

12. Greensboro Dr & Saratoga Ave (dead-end)

13. Northbrook Shopping Center (1900 block N Washington St)

14. Country West Rd (SW of Cody Dr) | Note: This location has been shifted to the intersection of Cody Drive and Country West Road due to construction. Please travel along Cody Drive to access this location. 

15. Elkridge and Prairie Hawk (NW side of City of Bismarck)

16. On the end of Ridgeland Dr, north of 57th Ave NE

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