Flood Preparedness

Flooding is the most common disaster in the United States and can cause a variety of problems to urban and rural communities. However, by planning ahead and being aware of the dangers floods can present, you can help keep yourself, and your family, safe. Click on the below thumbnails to begin gathering resources to utilize during your flood preparedness. 

Additional resources are also available online:

Basic Preparedness BBPH-1
Clean Up After a Flood BBPH-1
Drinking Water Safety BBPH-1
Flood Insurance BBPH-1
Gas and Propane Safety BBPH-1
Mold Safety BBPH-1
Road Safety BBPH-1
Septic System Safety BBPH-1
Sump Pump Safety BBPH-1
Tetanus Safety BBPH-1
Well Safety BBPH-1
Youth Information BBPH-1
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