Program Goals

The intent of this program is to improve participants’ knowledge and understanding of municipal government operations while also learning more about the City of Bismarck's priorities, challenges, and services provided to the community.

  1. Knowledge: Participants will gain an understanding of municipal government while learning more about the operations and the City of Bismarck as an organization.
    • Participants will be immersed in an in-depth program that will showcase each of the 14 City departments. The Citizen Academy will provide a behind-the-scenes perspective demonstrating how City services are funded and provided to the community.
    • Participants will understand what is needed to operate an organization that provides services to nearly 75,000 residents and over 5,000 businesses.
  2. Engaging: The City of Bismarck will provide a program that improves communications and relationships with our residents, business owners, students, and community organizations.
    • Participants will learn how to become more involved in local government advisory boards, commissions, and other opportunities for involvement.
    • The program will provide a learning experience for those interested in serving to help guide this community toward our goals through an elected leadership position or other City-related activities.
  3. Communication: City of Bismarck elected officials and department experts will offer a unique perspective into the daily operations of the organization.  The program will enhance communications and relationships with our residents, business owners, and students.
    • Opportunities will be provided to connect with community leaders including the Mayor, City Commissioners, and Department Directors with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences in local government operations.
    • Participants and City officials will create relationships that encourage better communication and engagement with local government.
  4. Government Excellence: The City of Bismarck’s Strategic Plan identifies a strategic objective for Government Excellence.
    • Enhancing the public trust and engagement through transparency of operations.