Bismarck, ND 150th Anniversary Brand Standards

All City of Bismarck departments, venues, and third parties are required to follow consistent branding guidelines and may not create additional logos for Bismarck, ND Anniversary.

Branding builds recognition. In order for a logo to become recognizable, we must provide a consistent experience for the consumer that interacts with this brand.

The Branding Guideline book will walk you through elements and guidelines that help define Bismarck’s Sesquicentennial logo. These elements, when used together, work to create a recognizable and consistent identity across all forms of exposure.

View/download HERE* Bismarck, ND 150th Anniversary Branding Guidelines booklet.

Anniversary Name:

   Bismarck, ND 150th Anniversary

•   Bismarck, North Dakota 150th Anniversary

•   Bismarck, North Dakota Sesquicentennial

•    Bismarck, ND Sesquicentennial

•    Bismarck Sesquicentennial

Logos and Colors: Use appropriate Bismarck Sesquicentennial logos, and follow the color guidelines.

•    Do not re-create the logo. 

•    Do not alter the logo in any way. This includes, stretching, rotating or distorting – If you are uncertain how to do this, please reach out to Alyx.

•    Do not utilize any colors outside of the designated primary or secondary color wheelhouse.

Downloadable Logo File Options and Usage:

For Web:

•    JPG – Joint Photographic Experts Group – Low resolution, web use. Cannot enlarge without quality loss.

•    PNG – Portable Network Graphic – commonly used on the web, also preferred by professionals.

For Print:

•    EPS – Encapsulated Postscript – High quality. Scalable without quality loss. Supports transparent backgrounds. Preferred for professional design programs (InDesign, Illustrator, etc.). Vendors for promotional products (shirts, hats, mugs etc.) will want this type of file

o    Unable to open without proper software.

•    PDF – Portable Document Format – Easy-to-read file format. Formatting stays the same on every device. Supports transparent backgrounds. Easy to share.


•    If you want to simply share the logo, JPG is the preferred option.

•    If you are using your logo for digital purposes and want a transparent background, utilize PNG files.

•    If you are sending your logo to a designer for print materials, utilize EPS (preferred) PDF if EPS cannot be utilized.

Logo Components:

•    Logo components to the Bismarck, ND 150th Sesquicentennial logo is the skyline in primary color choices. The skyline can be a complimentary feature to a design relating back to the Anniversary Celebration material.


•    Download the provided fonts below in downloadable files to utilize for the consistent branding of this event.

o    Primary font name: Monteserrat

o    Secondary font name: Belleza

•    No other fonts are to be utilized in conjunction with Bismarck, ND Sesquicentennial Anniversary on any web or print materials.

Downloadable Files:

•    Bismarck 150th Logo_Black JPG

•    Bismarck 150th Logo_Black PNG

•    Bismarck 150th Logo_Black PDF

•    Bismarck 150th Logo_Reversed PNG

•    Bismarck 150th Logo_Reversed PDF 

•    Bismarck 150th Logo Deep Blue JPG

•    Bismarck 150th Logo Deep Blue PNG

•    Bismarck 150th Logo Deep Blue PDF

•    Bismarck 150th Skyline Deep Blue Logo Component PNG

    Bismarck 150th Skyline Deep Blue PDF

    Bismarck 150th Skyline Reversed Logo Component PNG

•    Fonts 

•    Vector file formats