We Vaccinate

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For Our Safety… We Vaccinate

Our communities are rich with difference, but our health and the value we place on it—unites us in sameness. Whether doing your part to curb the spread of preventable—and potentially deadly—disease, or keeping our communities’ kids safe, happy and healthy, we vaccinate.

Vaccines have been safe, effective, proven method widely used to stop diseases of the past like polio and measles. Nothing has changed—they’re still the BEST option to do the job. But it takes ALL of us to make it successful.

COVID, Flu & You

If we take a pass on vaccinating for a persistent disease like COVID-19, we allow it to incubate—to lie in wait and improve its ability to fight off medical intervention. As vulnerable populations continue to delay vaccination, the virus mutates to spread more quickly. Preventing serious, potentially life-threatening illness is the only option to keep our communities’ collective health a priority. Your family matriarchs and patriarchs. Your children. Your caregivers. Your educators. They’re all exposed, but you can do your part by choosing resilience. Curb the spread of severe COVID-19 and influenza now.

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  1. Public Health

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    Phone: : 701-355-1540
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