150th Anniversary History & Mystery Scavenger Hunt

Bismarck is celebrating its 150th Anniversary and has partnered with InnovatAR to provide explorers with an entertaining and engaging way to experience Bismarck’s history. The scavenger hunt is powered by InnovatAR’s interactive map platform, Yondar, which guides visitors to people & places via a traditional 2D map or in 3D, Augmented Reality.Yondar-phone-mockup-Nature

Scavenger Hunts will be set up at the following events:

ND State Capitol: May 14th

Camp Hancock Summer Opening: May 28th 

Heritage River Landing Grand Opening: July 16th (Tentative)

Former Governor’s Mansion Ice Cream Social: August 14th

UTTC International Powwow: September 9th - 11th 

Downtown Street Fair: September 16th – 17th 

To Participate Onsite:

Step #1: Using your phone, visit yondar.me/_________(event name). When prompted, simply follow the instructions to enable GPS and choose a username. On the name screen, keep Games toggled "on."

Note: Android users may need to walk forward 10-15 steps to fully calibrate compass.

Step #2: Tap a purple beacon and select the “follow” button. Use your Yondar compass to help you navigate to the physical location of the beacon via the regular 2D map or in 3D, AR mode. Walk close enough to each beacon that a green "You have arrived" message appears.

Hint: Track your progress in the "Games" tab as beacons will get a check mark after you visit them. Clicking "Details" on each beacon will reveal historical information about the location.

Step #3: Repeat the process described in Step #2 by clicking “follow” on a second beacon. Continue this process until you have visited all the beacons at the location.

Step #4: After visiting all beacons, click the Games tab to confirm all beacons have a check mark, which means you successfully completed the scavenger hunt. Simply follow the instructions on the Games page to find where to pick up your Golden Ticket. If all beacons aren't checked, you'll need to return to the unchecked beacon(s) and make sure you receive the "You have arrived" message. Happy hunting!

Scavenger Hunt FAQs

To learn more about the scavenger hunts and how to participate, visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) page.

150th Anniversary History and Mystery Scavenger Hunt FAQs

Explore From Home

Prior to event day, explore the beacons from home via the maps below. Click "Details" on any beacon to view historical information and photos about the location.

Former Governor's Mansion

Onsite URL: yondar.me/icecream

ND Capitol Scavenger Hunt – May 14th 

Onsite URL: yondar.me/capitol

Camp Hancock Summer Opening Scavenger Hunt – May 28th 

Onsite URL: yondar.me/camphancock