Licensed Commercial Arborists

A-1 Tree Service
Jason Fowler
Bismarck, ND
Phone: 701-258-8517
AA Tree Service
Alexander Andujar
Mandan, ND
Phone: 701-204-5915
Advanced Tree Service
Stan Churchill
Bismarck, ND
Phone: 701-258-7500
Arbor Worx LLC
Mike Miller (ISA Cert #MW-5746A)
Mandan, ND
Phone:  701-527-1980
*Also provides tree injection/pest application services
Beaver Creek Tree Service
Kristin Dunbar or Doug Schultz
Bismarck, ND
Phone: 701-426-6467 or 701-333-8793
Bullinger Tree Service
Leonard Bullinger Jr.
Mandan, ND
Phone: 701-663-5121
*Also provides tree pest application service
B & V Tree Service
Bill & Elvira Doll
Bismarck, ND
Phone: 701-255-1035
CD & Sons LLC
Chad J Eiler
Mandan, ND
Phone: 701-527-0922
Central Leader Tree Service
Jordan Weichel
Bismarck, ND 
Phone:  701-426-2956
Green Planet Solutions
Julius Lorz (ISA Cert #MW-5654A)
Bismarck, ND
Phone: 701-391-3595
Jacobsen Tree Experts
Dane Jacobsen (ISA Cert #MW-5813A)
Austen Gillis (ISA Cert #MW-5820A)
Tea, SD
Phone: 605-323-8177
Lefke Tree Experts
Cody Crawford
Andrew Stone (ISA Cert #OH-6487A)
Montgomery, OH
Phone: 513-252-9794
Portscheller Tree Service
BJ Portscheller
Bismarck, ND
Phone: 701-400-0754
Schweitzer Tree Service
Trent Schweitzer (ISA Cert #MW4797A)
Bismarck, ND
Phone: 701-400-7111
Spring Creek Tree Service
Cody Magilke
Zap, ND
Phone: 701-880-2199
T-M Tree Service
Mike Schutt
Center, ND
Phone: 701-400-4555
The Joshua Tree Company
Joshua Hehr
Kintyre ND
Phone:  402-429-7741
Richard Backes
Mandan, ND
Phone: 701-260-6029
  Small trees or shrubs:
Outdoor Services Inc
Dale Preszler
Bismarck, ND
Phone: 701-222-3889
*Also provides tree pest application service


Any person doing commercial tree pruning or removal work in Bismarck must obtain a Commercial Arborist License by following the requirements below:

  • Arborist Certification:
    • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist OR
    • Arborist Certificate issued by the City Forester - Requires passing a written competency test and a field test administered by the City Forester.
  • Insurance:
    • General liability $500,000.00 property damage and bodily injury for one person and $1,000,000.00 aggregate for each occurence.
  • Fees:
    • Arborist Certification Test: $75.00
      • If failed, must wait 90 days before testing again. $75.00 fee each time the test is administered.
    • Annual Licensing Fee: $75.00

Suggested Study Materials for the City of Bismarck Arborist Testing:

  • Arborists' Certification Study Guide, Third Edition by S.J. Lilly
  • Arborist Equipment: A Guide to the Tools and Equipment of Tree Maintenance and Removal (2nd Edition) by Don Blair
  • Manual of Woody Landscape Plants (5th Edition) by Michael A. Dirr
  • A New Tree Biology and A New Tree Biology Dictionary by Shigo and Trees Associates
  • Arboriculture: Integrated Management of Landscape Trees, Shrubs, and Vines (4th Edition) by Richard W. Harris

For more information on becoming a licensed commercial tree service, contact the
Bismarck Forestry Division at (701) 355-1700, Option 3.