Garbage Containers

Regulations for City Issued Waste Containers

  • The container must be set out by 6:00 am on your normally scheduled pick-up day to be emptied.  Trucks will not be rerouted for late placements.
  • City issued containers must remain at a property if the property is sold.
  • The handle of the container must face the house.
  • Garbage must be placed in bags before placed into the container.
  • Garbage should not be "packed" into the container. The contents must fall freely when it is dumped.
  • Animal waste must be placed in closed plastic bags before being placed into the container.
  • Ashes must be cooled and placed in a cardboard box three feet away from the container.
  • City issued waste containers must be free of snow and ice and not blocked by parked cars or other items.
  • Extra garbage must be placed 3 feet away from the city issued container and light enough for one man to lift.
  • Grass trimmings are not allowed in the container. Grass trimmings must be bagged and placed at least three feet away from the container. A separate truck will collect it on the same day as your garbage collection. Please use the neighborhood drop-off grass and leaf collection sites. It is voluntary at this time; however, you are encouraged to use the sites whenever possible.
  • Branches are not allowed in the container. Branches must be bundled and tied, shorter than 4 feet in length and placed at least three feet away from your the container.
  • Construction debris is not allowed in the container.  All waste generated by a contractor will be the responsibility of the contractor or occupant.