City Commission

City of Bismarck Board of Commissioners

The City of Bismarck’s City Commission has four City Commissioners and one President of the Commission, the Mayor. Commissioners are elected for four-year terms and are limited to three consecutive terms. Once elected, the board represents the City as a whole while exercising both legislative and executive powers to govern the City of Bismarck. Each member of the Commission is required to attend City Commission Meetings and be an advocate for their assigned portfolio. 

The board of city commissioners has the sole authority to pass and adopt rules and regulations concerning the organization, management,  and   operation  of  all  the  departments of  the  city  and  the  other   agencies  created  by  it  for  the administration of the city's affairs.


All-America City

The All-America City Award is America’s oldest and most prestigious community recognition award. For over 52 years, the All-America City Award has encouraged and recognized civic excellence, honoring communities of all sizes (cities, towns, counties, etc.) in which citizens, government, businesses, and voluntary organizations work together to address critical local issues.

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