City Assessor's Office


The City of Bismarck (the City) Assessing Division is responsible for valuing all taxable property within the City. This is an ongoing process of gathering and reviewing information, measuring and listing new construction, and analyzing sales of real estate to provide accurate and current values annually. These values are used by the Burleigh County Auditor to calculate property taxes for various taxing entities such as cities, county, school districts, and parks districts.

The Assessing Division also processes homestead credit for senior citizens and disabled persons, disabled and paraplegic veterans exemption, disabled exemption, wheelchair exemption, blind exemption, Renaissance Zone exemption, remodeling exemption, and new business exemption. Please contact the Assessing Division for additional information or questions regarding assessed valuations and any credits or exemptions discussed previously.

Division Goal

The goal of the Assessing Division is to discover, list, and value all properties in the jurisdiction at market value, achieving equity and uniformity.

Annual Report

City of Bismarck Assessing Division 2023 Annual Report (PDF)