Environmental Health Division

Bismarck’s Environmental Health Division consists of three Environmental Health Specialists, an Administrator and support staff who provide environmental services for the City of Bismarck. 

Environmental Health Division – Staff Listing

Main: (701) 355-3400

Email: bbph@bismarcknd.gov

Anton Sattler, Administrator


(701) 355-3401

Burton Pfliger, EHS


(701) 355-3402

LaMonte Jacobson, EHS


(701) 355-3404

Payton Larson, EHS


(701) 355-3403

Tick Safety

During the summer, ticks can be a nuisance at best, and a health hazard at worst. Ticks are primarily active during warm-weather months (April through September). For more information visit the North Dakota Department of Health page on Tickborne Disease. Use these suggestions from the CDC to prevent tick bites.  

Cottage Food

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Food Safety Course Presentation

Food Safety for Food Service Employees Presentation (PDF format)