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1. Who can I call about warrants and subpoenas?
2. Who can I talk to about the parking ticket I found on my windshield?
3. Can the Judge reduce points on a traffic ticket?
4. Do you accept payments over the phone?
5. Do you accept credit cards for payment on fines?
6. Do we have a fax?
7. Who can I talk to about points on my driver’s license or suspension of my driving privileges?
8. How do I get a driver’s license?
9. Where can I renew my vehicle license tabs?
10. Where can I pay a traffic ticket I got in Burleigh County?
11. I am charged with a felony or class A misdemeanor in Burleigh County. Who do I contact for information on my cases?
12. I need information on a civil case in Burleigh County (small claims, divorce, or probate)?
13. Where can I get a copy of birth or death certificate?
14. I need a marriage license or a copy of a marriage license?
15. I have a question about a traffic ticket I received outside of Burleigh County who should I talk to?
16. Can you tell me my court date and time?
17. I need an extension on paying my fine?
18. I am planning on getting married. Can the Municipal Judge perform the service?