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1. How often are special assessment street resurfacing projects done? What determines this?
2. Why does the pavement resurfacing contractor start and stop construction so many times? Can’t they finish it all at once?
3. Why is the City reconstructing some asphalt streets (i.e. removing all pavement, recompacting the subgrade soil, and placing new asphalt)?
4. Why do parking signs have to be up when there is no work occurring?
5. How long of a time period will the special assessments be on my annual tax statement?
6. Do I have the option to pay off my special assessments early?
7. If I decide not to pay off special assessments immediately, what is the interest rate I am being charged for?
8. How does the City select the contractor for improvement projects? Is there a public bidding process?
9. Is there a warranty after the improvement project is completed, if so, how long?
10. If I have a question or a problem during the construction, should I ask the contractor’s representative in the field for his advice?
11. Is the contractor allowed to work at any time? Are there set construction hours specified in the plans?
12. What is the purpose of the small rock that is placed on the new pavement?
13. My vehicle/property got damaged during the construction, who do I contact to resolve this issue?
14. Who determines what concrete needs to be removed and replaced? On what basis is that determination made?
15. My driveway/curb & gutter is just settled, not broken; why not just lift it instead of removing and replacing?
16. I’ve often thought about widening our existing driveway for a camper pad next to the garage. Would it be a good time to do so during an improvement project?
17. Why were the areas next to my concrete repair, seeded instead of sodded?