Division Services & Information

The mission of the Bismarck Forestry Division is to manage and improve the health of the urban forest while enhancing the quality of life for our growing community.


Our Division is responsible for:
  • Landscaping information
  • Planting, pruning, and removal of trees
  • Insects, diseases, and abiotic damage information
  • Urban forestry information
  • Community resources and programs
  1. Bismarck City-Wide Elm Firewood Inspections

    Bismarck City Forester Initiates Elm Firewood Eradication Read on...
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Featured Topics

  • As the weather gets warmer, going outside and enjoying nature while still practicing social distancing can be a great mood booster.  Read on for 10 Nature Activities to Help Get Your Family Through the Coronavirus Pandemic, by Richard Louv.

  • ARBOR DAY is May 1st!  Due to the COVID-19 situation, our annual Arbor Day celebration has been postponed until fall with a date yet to be determined.  See our Arbor Day page for more information.
    The spirit of Arbor Day is still strong, click here for resources and ideas from the Arbor Day Foundation to help you to celebrate trees this spring.

  • The Partners In Planting Program is available again for 2020. This cost share program made possible by community minded sponsors that have partnered together with the City of Bismarck to provide funds for a matching grant to help homeowners plant street trees. This grant offers a direct reimbursement to citizens and businesses who plant trees in the City’s boulevard area adjacent to their property.  

Invasive Tree Pest Awareness

  • Is your firewood harboring a killer? Forest pests can hitchhike on your firewood! Don't bring Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) into North Dakota! We are asking the public not to move firewood in or out of Bismarck as this increases the risk of spreading harmful pests and diseases of trees.