Building Inspections


The Building Inspections Division administers adopted ordinances related to development within the City of Bismarck and the City of Bismarck extra-territorial area. Major responsibilities include building code and zoning enforcement, permitting, plan review, inspections, floodplain management, mechanical contractor licensing, and addressing.

Submitting Permit Applications

Registered contractors and public users may submit permit applications and upload documents online using eTRAKiT. Permit applications and documents may also be submitted by emailing the Building Inspections Division at

Requesting Inspections

Registered contractors and public users may request inspections online using eTRAKiT. Inspections requested using eTRAKiT must be submitted one day prior to the date of the inspection. Inspections may also be requested by contacting the Building Inspections Division at 355-1465 or by contacting an inspector by email or phone. In all cases, the permit status must be ISSUED in order to request an inspection.  

Please have the following information ready when requesting inspections: 

1. Property address or permit number. 

2. Name and phone number of the individual requesting the inspection. 

3. Time (am or pm) and date when you would like the inspection completed. 

We will do our best to complete all inspections at the time requested; however, if we cannot accommodate the request an inspector will contact the individual requesting the inspection to reschedule.  

Inspector Contact Information

Building, Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing Inspectors are assigned districts within the City of Bismarck and City of Bismarck extra-territorial area (ETA). The following links will provide you with an Inspector District Map. To find the contact information for each Inspector in your area, simply select the inspection type you are looking for information on and navigate to the property location. 

Building Inspection Districts

Electrical Inspection Districts

Plumbing and Mechanical Inspection Districts