Application Requirements

Applications for testing are due to City of Bismarck Building Inspections Division on the first business day of the month. To apply for Mechanical Licensing the applicant must submit the following:

  • Completed Application
    • Exam
    • Apprentice
    • Reciprocal
  • State or Federal Picture ID
  • Transcripts will be required for all Apprentices substituting education for work experience.

Those applying for a reciprocal license will not be required to write an exam if a reciprocal license for the class type from a reciprocal municipaltiy is provided. 

For thoose applying for a City of Bismarck license, practical work experience must be documented on the application and verified prior to scheduling the exam. All work experience must be completed under a Licensed Master Installer

Required Practical Experience

  • Journeymen 
    • 4 year (7,600 hours) of verified work experience or;
    • Education equivalant up to 3800 practical hours and a minimum of 2 years (3800 hours) of work experience
  • Master
    • 2 years (3,400 hours) of verified work experience as licensed Journeyman is required to write the exam
    • 3 years (5,300 hours) of verified work experience as a license Journeyman is required to receive a Certificate of Reciprocity.