Street Cleaning

The City of Bismarck Street Department has completed the city-wide street sweeping project.  We appreciate the cooperation of our residents.

Street Sweeping Static Map Link

Completed Sweeping Areas 2021 

Area Location (Boundaries)
1 Divide Ave to Boulevard Ave and Highland Acres Area. East City Limits to West City Limits (finished 3/16/2021)
2 Boulevard Ave to Main Ave. East City Limits to West City Limits (finished 3/17/2021)
3 Century Ave to Interstate 94. N 19th to West City Limits (finished 3/19/2021)
4 Interstate 94 to Divide Ave. East City Limits to West City Limits (finished 3/23/2021)
5 Main Ave to Bismarck Exp. ​East City Limits to West City Limits (finished 3/25/2021)
6 & 7 North City Limits to Century Ave from East City Limits to West City Limits (finished 4/5/2021)
8 Bismarck Exp to South City Limits. East City Limits to West City Limits (finished 4/9/2021)

Bismarck's Street Sweeping Program

Each spring the Public Works Street Department conducts an annual street sweeping program. This program is initiated to clean up the dirt and debris that has accumulated on the City streets over the winter. 

Street sweeping is one of the most cost-effective ways to remove the sediments and associated pollutants, such as metals, petroleum products, that accumulate on streets before they wash into local watersheds. Over 1,000 lane miles of roadway are swept each year. The program takes approximately six weeks to complete.

Due to the cooperation of Bismarck residents, the City of Bismarck Street Department has been able to clean the streets in a very efficient and timely manner. The City of Bismarck would like to thank its citizens for their cooperation.

Reminder to Residents and Businesses

  • Keep vehicles and trailers off the street until sweepers are done in your area.
  • Do not rake sand or debris from your boulevard into the street
  • Do not to rake or blow leaves or grass into the street.
  • Grass clippings and debris plug our storm water system.
  • Keep grass clippings and debris out of the gutter line and street.  Adopt an Inlet.
  • Street sweeping operations can be dangerous.
  • Stones and other flying debris could be hazardous.
  • Parents are advised to keep children away from all street sweeping operations.
  • Motorists should drive with caution when passing street sweepers.
  • Visibility may be restricted in sweeping areas due to dusty conditions.