The Finance Department provides support services to the City’s operating departments in the areas of finance and budget, accounting, information systems, and the assessment of real property. The department also invests excess City funds in approved investment instruments and ensures adequate cash availability for City expenses.

Department Goals 

The goals of the department are to:

  • Deliver reliable management information to other departments
  • Assist other departments in achieving their goals and objectives
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their services


The Finance Department includes the following divisions: 

  • Assessing determines the value and classification of all real property for tax purposes and processes all property tax exemptions and appeals. In addition, this division provides information regarding real property to the public and other city departments. You may access property information on this site.
  • Special Assessments is responsible for collecting payments, and spreading special assessments levied for improvements to the City’s infrastructure. This includes the sale and issuance of bonds to pay for these improvements.
  • Fiscal Services prepares the annual budget and capital improvement plan and administers the City’s financial management system to provide for the uniform accounting and reporting of revenues, expenditures, and budgetary control. In addition, the Division provides financial forecasting and analyses.
  • Information Technology manages and operates the City’s and Burleigh County’s computer system, evaluates new technology, implements new hardware and software programs and provides technical support services to the departments. This Division also maintains and supports the computer network system, electronic mail and phone systems, and geographic information system.