Operation & Management

The Traffic Engineering section includes the City Traffic Engineer and support staff. This section is operated and managed as a part of the Bismarck Engineering Department.


  • Receives and responds to inquiries and comments from the public on transportation related issues
  • Plans, designs, and operates the city's traffic signal system and school / pedestrian flashing beacons
  • Plans, designs, and directs the implementation of all regulatory, parking, street name, guide, and warning signs
  • Plans, designs, and directs the implementation of pavement markings
  • Conducts traffic / pedestrian counts and transportation studies
  • Organizes the administration of traffic signals and other traffic safety improvement projects
  • Reviews traffic-related features of plats, site plans, transportation studies, and long-range plans
  • Coordinates federal aid for transportation improvement projects
  • Reviews construction signage for all work conducted in the public rights of way
  • Reviews routes and issues permits for the movement of oversize loads
  • Prepares the annual Capital Improvements Program for roadway projects

Contact Us

For more information, please contact the Engineering Department at 701 355-1505.