Public Events In The Right-Of-Way

Residential Block Party Policy

To request a street closure for the purpose of a residential block party a written request must be submitted 10 Days prior to the closure. The request must include the following information:

  1. Street name and nearest intersection streets at the end of the purposed closures
  2. Time and date of event
  3. Purpose of the closure
  4. Event organizer, contact info, phone number.

If approval is granted for the closing of a street as stated above is granted with the following stipulations:

  1.            Hire a private signing contractor to install a minimum four (4) Type III barricades, two for each end of the closure.
  2.            Two- (2) road closed signs, one to be mounted on the barricade for the through traffic.
  3.            Remove barricades as soon as possible upon conclusion of the event or have the signing contractor pick them up.
  4.           Have the signing contractor or organizer contact all emergency services (Police, Fire, & Ambulance) notifying them of the           street closure 48-hours prior to closure.
  • Ambulance:    255-0812
  • (After Hours):  223-1310
  • Fire:  355-1400   (ask for Battalion Commander)                                           
  • Police:  223-1212 (ask for Duty Commander)

   5.           Closure may only happen once a year.            

   6.           No closures will be allowed on arterial or primary collector routes.

   7.           Signing contractor or organizer must notify Engineering Department (Paul Seifert – 355-1512) a minimum of 48-hours in                     advance to confirm they will be installing the street closure.

   8.            The cost of installation, rental and removal of these traffic control devices is the responsibility of the event organizer.

 The signs and barricades may be obtained from one of the private signing contractors listed below:

  •   3D Specialties: 223-0828
  •   Traffic Safety Services:  258-4770

 It is the event organizer’s responsibility to make the necessary arrangements for the installation and removal of the barricades and signs for the street closure.

Utilizing Public Right Of Way For Public Events In Commercially Zoned Areas



                10-05.1-01. Commercial Use of Sidewalks, Streets and Public Grounds Restricted.

                10-05.1-02. Permitted Uses of Streets, Sidewalks, Alleys, or Other Public Grounds.

                10-05.1-03. Community Events and Festivals.

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Residential Block Party policy