Day Care Inspections


To schedule your inspection, click on the link below to access the permit portal. Payment is required at the time of application. Please read the “How To” information first before beginning to help reduce any problems in completing the application.

Apply online through the City of Bismarck’s eTRAKIT system

If you are a first time Group Day Care Provider or a first time Day Care Center, please contract the Community Development, Building Inspections for approval or call 701-355-1465.


The cost of a day care inspection is $35. It usually takes a week to ten day notice for an inspection to take place. Following is a list of items we look for:

  • Does the home have two means of escape from every occupied room?
  • Does one of the means of escape lead to the outside? (The other means of escape may be a window that meets the state building code.)
  • Are doors to the outside at least 28 inches in clear width?
  • Is each closet door able to be opened from the inside?
  • Is each bathroom door able to be opened from the outside?
  • Is the fuel fired heating equipment shielded or guarded to protect the children from harm? (Non-vented fuel-fire heaters are prohibited.)
  • Does the home have CO alarms on each level of the home and outside of each sleeping area? 
  • Are electrical outlets accessible to children under six years of age covered with special protective covers?
  • Are outlets and extension cords overloaded and extension cords used properly? (Extension cords must be UL labeled and restricted to minimal usage.)
  • Is there an exit plan for the home and are exit drills held monthly?
  • Are smoke detectors provided in all sleeping areas used for child care and each level on the home? Are detectors tested at least monthly? (Recommend batteries are changed every six months.)
  • Does the home have an approved and properly maintained fire extinguisher on each level? Is the fire extinguisher accessible? (Extinguishers must have a minimum of a 2A:10BC rating, be checked monthly and serviced annually.)
  • Is an operable flashlight provided?
  • Are combustibles or flammables, i.e. paints and boxes, kept away from sources of ignition like the furnace and water heater?
  • Are all areas of the home/facility usable for child care? If no, identify the areas that are not used for child care.