Pawnbroker Licenses


  1. "Junk Dealer" means any person who maintains a store, shop or place of business where purchases are made of used metals, rags, bottles, bones, or a scrap of any kind, nature, or description for the purpose of resale either at retail or otherwise.
  2. "Pawnbroker" means any person who:  Loans money on deposit or pledge of personal property, or other valuable things.  Deals in the purchase of personal property or other valuable things, on condition of selling the same back again at a stipulated price.  Loans money, secured by personal property, taking possession of the property or any part thereof.
  3. "Secondhand dealer" means any person, including antique dealers and jewelers, who make purchases of used articles such as, but not limited to, automobile parts and accessories, electronic equipment, electronic appliances, furniture, kitchenware, music, DVDs, videos, games, sporting goods, exercise equipment, clothing, jewelry, precious metals, coins with a market value more than the face value, collectibles, and glass or chinaware for the purpose of resale or re-manufacture for resale, either at retail or otherwise and either in its original condition or in a different form.

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