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The original item was published from 6/9/2015 4:32:33 PM to 6/9/2015 4:34:08 PM.

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Posted on: June 9, 2015

[ARCHIVED] City of Bismarck Mosquito Control Measures Underway

“The recent rainfall and warmer temperatures have increased mosquito activity in Bismarck. We want citizens to know the actions that the City’s Environmental Health Division is taking to control mosquitoes, and the important role that citizens play in taking preventive actions and source reduction measures to reduce mosquito populations that helps to reduce the likelihood of being bitten by mosquitoes,” said Anton Sattler, Administrator, Bismarck Environmental Health Division.

City of Bismarck Mosquito Control Measures:,

Adulticiding (mosquito fogging)• Performs mosquito fogging in publicly owned parks, golf courses, walking paths and special events.• Mosquito adulticiding is conducted in the early morning hours as this a time of higher mosquito activity.
• This type of treatment is effective if there are mosquitoes flying at the time of fogging and can only be performed if weather conditions permit. It does not provide residual protection against future mosquitoes. For this reason, adulticiding is done in conjunction with larviciding as treatment processes for mosquito control.

Larviciding• The first three stages of a mosquito’s life cycle are the egg, larva, and pupa. Each of these stages occurs in water. By treating standing water with larvicide, mosquitoes can be eliminated before they emerge from the water as adult mosquitoes.
• Larvicide application sites include storm drains, catch basins, roadside ditches, waste treatment holding ponds, and golf course standing water.

Prevention and Source Reduction Measures Residents Can Take:

Remove Sources of Standing Watero Mosquitoes can breed anywhere that water collects. Draining sources of standing water can reduce the number of places mosquitoes can lay their eggs and breed.
o Check for clogged rain gutters and clean them out.

Rinse Water Sources Frequentlyo At least twice a week, empty water from flower pots, birdbaths, pet food and water dishes, swimming pool covers, buckets, barrels and can.

Do Not Store Tires Outdoorso Remove discarded tires, and other items that could collect water. Be sure to check for containers or trash in places that may be hard to see, such as under bushes or under your home.

Maintain Property Free of Tall Vegetationo Adult mosquitoes frequently rest in grass or shrubs during daylight hours. Keeping vegetation trimmed reduces mosquito resting places.

Treating standing water is one way to reduce the risk of mosquito activity.

o The Burleigh County Extension Office has larvicide briquettes available for purchase to residents. One briquette treats 100 square feet of shallow water with no current, and lasts up to 150 days. Residents can purchase the briquettes for $3 each at the Burleigh County Extension Office, 3715 East Bismarck Expressway, Monday - Friday, between 8:00 am and 5:00 p.m. An instructional sheet will also be provided to each resident that details the ingredients, direction for use, and how to apply.

o Your local farm supply, home improvement or hardware store may carry Mosquito Dunks® tablets, a fast acting biological mosquito control tablet that can be used to treat standing water that accumulates around the household.

Protect Yourself And Your Family!• Wear light-colored, long pants and long-sleeved shirts.• Stay indoors during the evening and early morning hours when mosquitoes are most active.
• Use an insect repellent containing DEET, picaridin, IR3535, oil of lemon eucalyptus (PMD) or permethrin. Always follow the directions on the label.• Install or repair screens on windows and doors.

If you know of standing water in Bismarck and are concerned it is not being treated with mosquito larvicide, please contact Jessica Douglas, Environmental Health Specialist, at 701-355-1420.

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