Who pays for the 9-1-1 service?
By a vote of County Electors, each household or business pays a $1 per month fee for 9-1-1 service on each telephone line that appears on their phone bill. There is no per-call charge for calling 9-1-1. However, ambulance services dispatched through 9-1-1 may charge for taking someone to the hospital.

The Burleigh County Commission adopted a resolution in July, 2001 extending the $1 fee requiring that all subscribers to cellular phone service in Burleigh County pay a $1 fee per month to their service provider which is then submitted to Burleigh County. All funds collected for 9-1-1 are forwarded to the County Treasurer.

NDCC allows a 9-1-1 fee to be collected up to $1.50 per subscriber line. Burleigh County currently remains at $1.00.

Additional funding for the overall operation of a public safety answering point comes from general funds of counties and cities as the tax collected on devices capable of accessing 9-1-1 does not cover the cost of the overall operation (which includes the dispatch and ongoing responder communications involved with responding to emergency calls).

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