Summer Weather

Summer Weather

To Safely Ride a Heat Wave, visit the following sites:
National Weather Service: Heat: A Major Killer
American Red Cross: Heat Wave Safety
Centers for Disease Control: Keep Your Cool in Hot Weather
Centers for Disease Control: Extreme Heat
Summer Weather Statistics - North Dakota
This National Weather Service link provides statistical information regarding severe summer weather in North Dakota.

Severe Summer Weather Definitions
Learn important severe summer weather terms such as watch, warning, funnel cloud, flood watch, and more.

Severe Summer Weather Preparedness Information
Link to North Dakota Department of Emergency Services web site to learn about severe summer weather hazards and emergency preparedness information to help you prepare, respond, and recover. Topics include hail, thunderstorms, lightning, flash flood, and extreme heat.

Summer Fire Safety - ND Department of Emergency Services
Summer is a time for campfires, barbecues, and fireworks. It can also be a time of extreme fire danger. The information provided here will ensure that you and your family are able to safely enjoy the season.

Skywarn Training. National Weather Service personnel provide Skywarn Training annually. The training is open to the public. Skywarn Schedule.