Sex Offender Public Notification

Sex Offender Public Notification and Release of Information News Releases

The Bismarck Police Department is releasing the following information pursuant to ND Century Code 12.1-32-15, which requires law enforcement agencies to disclose to the public relevant and necessary registration information when a sexual offender registered under this section is a public risk and disclosure of the registration is necessary for public protection.

The individual whose name appears on this notification has been convicted of a crime against a child or an attempted crime against a child, or has pleaded guilty to a sexual offense. In accordance with North Dakota State Law this individual must register as a sexual offender or an offender against children.

The offender is not wanted by the police at this time and has served the sentence imposed by the court. This notification is not intended to increase fear in the community. It is the belief of the Bismarck Police Department that an informed public is a safer public.

Neither the Bismarck Police Department, nor the probation/parole agent supervising the offender has control over where the offender chooses to reside, work, socialize or go to school unless the court has deemed it necessary to place restrictions on the offender’s movements.
The risk level of the offender is based on factual criminological information which has been provided by the courts, prosecutors, probation/parole officers, case files, offender treatment files, and/or other law enforcement agencies. Through an investigatory process, the Bismarck Police Department has compiled information on the offender and through an analysis of this information has made a determination as to the individuals risk level.

Convicted sex offenders and offenders against children have always been released back into society once their correctional time expired. For the first time, law enforcement has a mechanism in place by which sexual offenders and offenders against children can be tracked. Law enforcement has also been given the authority and the duty of notifying the public of an offender’s movements if law enforcement makes a determination that the offender poses a risk to the safety of the public.

However, law enforcement will not tolerate the abuse of information released on the offender. The information shared with the public is for “safety” reasons only. This information is not to be used to threaten, harass, assault or intimidate the registered offenders.

Your personal safety and the safety of your family are important to the members of the Bismarck Police Department. Please take the time to report any suspicious or criminal activity. The safety of our community depends on your willingness to get involved.

Emergency: 911 Bismarck Police Department: 223-1212

A list of Registered Sex Offenders can be found at the ND Sex Offender Website.

Sex Offender Public Notification and Release of Information New Releases