Citizen Survey

The Crime Prevention/Community Services Section is responsible for conducting a triennial survey of citizens' attitudes toward, and opinions of, the Bismarck Police Department.

The survey is conducted to determine citizen attitudes and opinion of department, safety and security concerns, and suggestions for improvement. The input received from this survey will be used when amending or adopting police community relations policies and procedures and for performance improvement and strategic planning.

 You must be 18 years old or older to take the survey. 

You will not be asked your name, or your exact address, but Bismarck residents will be asked for the area in which they live. The reason we need this information is if you note a concern or problem in your neighborhood, we need to know what neighborhood you live in so we can better address that concern or problem.

There are thirty eight questions on the survey. How much time you spend on this survey is up to you. At the minimum it will take about ten minutes. There are several open ended questions asking for your opinions on several topics. You can give us as few or many opinions as you want.

You will be given the option to sign in or create an account.  This is not mandatory but may be useful if you decide to take more time to answer the open ended questions.  This will give you the ability to save your answers up to that point.

Here is a link to the 2023 Bismarck Police Department Citizen Survey.