Department Awards

No one is compelled to choose the profession of Police Officer; but having chosen it, everyone is obligated to perform its duties and live up to the high standards of its requirements. -President Calvin Coolidge.

Employees of the Year Award/Sworn –  Department personnel who distinguish themselves apart from other personnel. This individual stands out due to their attitude towards the public and fellow employees. They also contribute unselfishly to the Police Department as well as their community.

2022 Sworn Employees Nominations                                               

  • Sgt. Cody Berger
  • Officer Joseph Peterson

2022 Civilian Employee Nominations

  • Shannon Henke

2022 Sworn Employee of the Year

2022 sworn award

2022 Civilian Employee of the Year

2022 civilian award

BPD Employee Awards

Letter of Recognition- Department personnel who demonstrate a high degree of professionalism in performance of their duties are eligible to receive a letter of recognition.

  • Katie Kinnischtzke
  • Sierra Ademeso

Life Saving Award – Department personnel who take action to save the life of another will be eligible for this award. The action may include the use of CPR, AED, the Heimlich maneuver, the control of severe bleeding, and/or a rescue effort from a situation in which the death of a victim was imminent.  

  • Officer Matthew James
  • Sgt. Darrin Heinert

Distinguished Service Award – Department personnel who have performed above and beyond what is normally expected are eligible to receive the Distinguished Service Award. The use of exemplary initiative will be the criteria for this award rather than completion of assigned tasks.  

  • Officer Tanner Benske
  • Officer Joseph Peterson
  • Officer Wade Nordick
  • Det. April McCarthy

Hostile Engagement Award – Department Personnel who have been placed at grave risk due to the attack of another and has steadfastly maintained dedication to their post despite personal risk, will be eligible for the Hostile Engagement Award.  The nominee must have been under attack by the other person, however sustaining an injury is not a criterion of this award.

  • Sgt. Cody Berger
  • Officer Ben Swenson

Meritorious Service Award – Department personnel who distinguish themselves by an act or action involving a high risk situation with an immediate degree of hazard to life and limb to the nominee or where death or injury to a third party is prevented, are eligible for the Meritorious Service Award.

  • Officer Mark Muscha
  • Sgt. Brandon Rosen
  • Officer Ben Swenson

Medal of Valor – Department personnel who distinguish themselves by an act within the realm of duty which involves serious risk to their life that is performed under conditions described as less hazardous as those outlined for the Medal of Honor, are eligible to be awarded the Medal of Valor.

  • Sgt. Cody Berger

Civilian Awards

Certificate of Appreciation- Non-Department personnel, who through an act or action affect the outcome of a situation for the betterment of a person or the community as a whole. 

  • Joshua Bohlen
  • Kevin Wise
  • Allen Wise
  • William Olin

Meritorious Citizen Award- Non-Department personnel, who distinguish themselves by a selfless act or action involving the risk of injury or death to the nominee, or where death or serious injury to another person is prevented, are eligible for this award.

  • Randall Bell
  • Maureen Wanner
  • Kelly Elwein