Bismarck Police Department Volunteer Program

The Bismarck Police Department Volunteer Program is a voluntary service group within the Bismarck Police Department. Its purpose is to serve the Department by performing duties and providing services that will supplement and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the Department. The Bismarck Police Volunteers in Policing Unit will concentrate on activities that will free up regular police officers and Department personnel for more important functions as well as do work that cannot be accomplished due to limitations of time and other resources.

Historically, volunteer groups and organizations have been invaluable in providing vital service to this country, our state, and our community. The establishment of the Bismarck Police Volunteer Program greatly increases the effectiveness of the Bismarck Police Department. The Bismarck Police Volunteer Program is another opportunity to enhance the Bismarck Police Department’s community policing philosophy by partnering with civilians to provide a high quality of service to the citizens of Bismarck.

The Bismarck Police Volunteer Program also provides citizens with an opportunity to participate in the activities of the Bismarck Police Department and to gain a better understanding of the nature and challenges of police work as well as make a valuable contribution to the well-being of our community.

We are currently accepting volunteer applications for the Animal Impound.
Animal Impound Volunteer Job Description

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