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Utility Service Agreement for Residential

  1. City of Bismarck Public Works Department
    Residential Utility Service Agreement

    The person filling out this form must be an Owner or Landlord

    Renters: Do not complete this form.

    If you are a renter who needs to have the utility account for a property switched to your name, the owner or landlord of the property is required to contact the Public Works Utility Billing Department to update the utility account with your information. Owners and landlords can call our office at 701-355-1700, option 1. Thank you.

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    Residential Utility Service Agreement

    This agreement shall remain in effect and shall be binding until notice is given to the Public Works Customer Service Division by the customer of the termination of this agreement. Upon notice of termination by the customer, a final reading of the water meter will occur. Utility billing begins when the water meter is picked up for newly built properties. It is agreed that the undersigned will be bound by the rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and ordinances applicable to the City’s utility systems and solid waste management. The undersigned must pay for all services used and rendered through the final reading of the water meter. Should the undersigned have an outstanding balance on a previous Public Works Utility Billing account, it is agreed that the balance will be transferred to this property for payment.

    Container Agreement

    It is agreed that the Public Works Department shall remain the owner of such containers and the property owner hereby agrees to pay the Public Works Customer Service Division the selected current monthly service fee for garbage collection and disposal. It is also agreed that the property owner shall indemnify and hold harmless the City of Bismarck from any and all claims of personal injury, property damage, or any other action arising out of the property owner’s use of the container and the City of Bismarck’s use of private driveways for the purpose of collecting garbage.

  5. Someone from the Public Works Utility Billing Department will contact you by telephone or E-mail.
    Contact will be made within 2 working days to verify this information.
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