Public Participation Plan


The Bismarck-Mandan Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), with the aid of the Public Participation Plan, desires the participation and involvement of a broad range of interest groups, organizations, governments, and citizens to result in more creative and effective decision-making. Public participation:

  • Educates the public on transportation issues and opportunities
  • Builds public knowledge and trust about processes and issues
  • Identifies public concerns and values
  • Gathers information, develops consensus, resolves conflicts, and produces better decisions
  • Enhances the accountability of government decisions through increased opportunity for citizen participation
  • Gains the fresh perspective of empowered citizens leading to creative approaches
  • Allows plans to be evaluated and refined
  • Reduces delays and costs from not having public involvement

Active Public Participation Plan

The Public Participation Plan was adopted by the Bismarck-Mandan Metropolitan Planning Organization on May 18, 2010.  The Plan was updated as part of the preparatory work to the update to the Metropolitan Transportation Plan.  The modifications were approved by the Policy Board on December 19, 2017.

Draft Public Participation Plan

A Draft Public Participation Plan Update is available for review and public comment until December 18, 2023.