Nuisances / Complaints

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Public Health Nuisances

The Environmental Health Division investigates and resolves public health nuisances in accordance with Bismarck's Code of Ordinances Chapters 8-01-06 and Chapter 14-05-05.1, and North Dakota Century Code 23-35-09

Section 14-05-05.1 of Bismarck's Code of Ordinances prohibits the following items from storage outside of a closed building in a residentially-zoned district: 

  • hazardous wastes
  • scrap metals
  • used or scrap lumber
  • household appliances
  • machinery
  • farm machinery
  • commercial equipment
  • new or used building materials 
  • construction or demolition waste or salvage
  • automotive or machinery parts
  • tires
  • used oil or solvents
  • garbage or rubbish of any kind
  • waste paper
  • used furniture 
  • other household goods, barrels, rags, boxes, cardboard, or other items
  • abandoned or unlicensed vehicle(s) on private property ONLY - with vehicles parked on the street for prolonged periods can be reported to the Bismarck Police Department at 701-223-1212

Complaint Form

If you wish to file a concern, please use this complaint form.

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