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  1. Application for Special Event Permit to Sell Alcoholic Beverages at a Designated Premise
  2. Bismarck Human Relations Committee Comment/Complaint Form

    The purpose of this form is to assist you in filing a discrimination complaint with the Bismarck Human Relations Committee.

  3. City of Bismarck Board, Commission & Committee Membership Application
  4. Request for Public Records
  5. Sign Up for Human Relations Committee Volunteer Opportunities
  1. Bismarck Citizen Academy Application
  2. Call for Photos - Make Your Image Our Focus!
  3. Humanitarian Award Nomination Form

    The Bismarck Human Relations Committee is seeking an individual, business or non-profit organization that has exhibited leadership in... More…

  4. Retail Alcohol Beverage License

City Commission

  1. Contact Commissioner Cleary

    Send a comment to Commissioner Cleary.

  2. Contact Commissioner Marquardt

    Send a comment to Commissioner Marquardt.

  3. Contact Mayor Schmitz

    Send a comment to Mayor Schmitz.

  4. Unexpired City Commission Term
  1. Contact Commissioner Connelly

    Send a comment to Commissioner Connelly.

  2. Contact Commissioner Zenker

    Send a comment to Commissioner Zenker.

  3. Request an appearance of Mayor Schmitz.

    Request an appearance of Mayor Schmitz.

Environmental Health

  1. Food Complaint Form

    Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health Environmental Health Food Complaint Form

  2. Plan Submittal for Gatherings of 50 or More People
  1. Nuisance and Complaint Form

    Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health Environmental Health Nuisance and Complaint Form


  1. GIS Utility Data Request and Release Form

    Request GIS utility digital data files from the City of Bismarck.


  1. Bismarck Fire Department Inspection Survey - How did we do?

    Please take a minute to fill out this information. The Bismarck Fire Department is committed to providing you with quality service for... More…

  2. Visit Us - Tours with the Bismarck Fire Department

    Please schedule your tours by calling 701-355-1400 or submit this form.

  1. Safety Trailer

    The Bismarck Fire Department's safety trailer is used to teach children how to escape from a smoke fill room from your bedroom window.

Public Information Council

  1. Employee Communications Survey

    The City of Bismarck’s Public Information Council (PIC) aims to improve internal communication in our organization. Our first step is... More…

Public Works

  1. Adopt-A-Roadway Application

    This is an application to participate in the Adopt-A-Roadway Program.

  2. Curb Stop Reporting Form
  3. Landfill Charge Account Application
  4. Tenant Utility Service Request
  5. Utility Service Agreement for Residential
  1. Checking/Savings Automatic Payment Printable Form

    By signing this consent agreement, the undersigned customer of the City of Bismarck agrees to have his/her monthly municipal services... More…

  2. Grease Control Questionnaire - Food Service Establishment
  3. Stormwater
  4. Utility Service Agreement for Commercial