Patrol Section

About the Patrol Section

Patrol is the largest section within the Field Services Division. Patrol is made up of two shifts that work rotating schedules. Each shift is commanded by a lieutenant, who is assisted by two sergeants. At full strength, there are 15 officers per shift. Officers are assigned based on experience and expertise in an attempt to provide a balance that is beneficial to the Department and the people we serve. If you have questions about the Patrol Section, contact the Police Department at (701) 223-1212.

Assigned Lieutenants & Sergeants

Lieutenants and sergeants for each shift are:
  • Lt. Steve Scheuer, Sgt Loren Grensteiner, Sgt. Dan Salander, Sgt. Noah Lindelow, Sgt. Jordan West, Sgt. Garner Jones and Sgt. Darrin Heinert
  • Lt. Chad Fetzer, Sgt. Lyle Sinclair, Sgt. Kent Kaylor, Sgt. Cody Berger, Sgt. Scott Betz, Sgt. Brandon Rosen and Sgt. Del Gallagher


Patrol is the only section of the Police Department that is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Officers assigned to patrol are primarily responsible for responding to the 38,000 or more calls for service last year.

The duties of a patrol officer are varied and can involve almost anything you can imagine. Patrol officers respond to major and minor crimes. Requests for service range from something as simple as giving directions to responding to assaults or major incidents that can result in serious injury and death. Officers are often exposed to considerable risk during their tour of duty, and the stress that results can cause health problems if not dealt with appropriately.

Patrol officers work a rotational schedule in which officers work 12-hour shifts that alternate between day and night shifts every two weeks. As the Department moves toward computer-aided dispatch and computerized record keeping, we will be able to better analyze calls for service, and that may result in some shift adjustment to accommodate citizen calls for service.
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