Sidewalks & Driveways


The Engineering Department oversees the construction of curbs, sidewalks, and driveway aprons (the part of the driveway connected to the street). This includes the widening of existing driveway aprons. Also included is the construction of handicap accessible ramps at all intersections where roads are being rehabilitated, as mandated by federal requirements. The department also coordinates with the Park District and the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) for multi-use trail projects. For any questions relating to driveways and sidewalks, please contact the Engineering Department at 701 355-1505.

Clearing Snow And Ice On City Sidewalks

City residents are reminded to clean all snow and ice from their sidewalk including the crosswalk of corner lots. City Ordinance requires property owners to remove all snow and ice from their sidewalk within 24 hours of the snowfall. If it is not removed it may be removed by the City and the cost charged to the property owner. To report problems with snow or ice on public sidewalks, contact the City Engineering Department at 701 355-1505.

Installing, Replacing Or Widening A Driveway

Usually the home builder will either hire an approved contractor to install the sidewalk and driveway apron and the costs will be added into the price of the house, or the home builder will petition the Engineering Department to have it installed by a contractor hired by the City and the costs will be assessed to the property.
If the driveway work is in the street right-of-way, and you want the City to build and assess the cost to your property, then the property owner must sign a concrete petition at the Engineering Department. If you want to hire a city-approved contractor and pay the contractor directly instead of having the cost assessed to property, the contractor must obtain a concrete permit. If the work to be done is only between the sidewalk and your garage, then you do not need a permit or a petition.
Any work in the street right-of-way must be done by a concrete contractor who is approved by the City of Bismarck. The owner has the option to hire an approved concrete contractor and pay for the work up front or have it repaired by a concrete contractor hired by the City and have the costs assessed to his property. In some instances, such as a tripping hazard, the sidewalk may not need to be replaced but can be lifted or mud-jacked by an approved contractor. The property owner is responsible for any injuries that may occur due to the condition of his sidewalk.

If you have a sidewalk you feel is hazardous, please contact the Engineering Department at (701) 355-1505

By city ordinance, all improved residential and commercial lots shall contain a sidewalk a minimum of 4.5 feet to 6 feet in width, depending on adjacent zoning regulations. The City is contacting a number of owners each year to install sidewalks in areas currently missing some sidewalks.
Driveways may be up to 36' wide in residential areas and 40' wide in commercial areas, not including the flares (the flares are the wider, angled part of the driveway that connects to the street). If you are building on a corner lot or near an intersection, you should check with the Engineering Department before your approved contractor begins construction to determine the location of non-access lines. Driveways are not permitted in areas where there is a non-access line. Non-access lines are established near intersections to prevent traffic that is turning in or out of the driveway from conflicting with traffic that may be backed up at the intersection. All driveway widenings must have prior approval by the Engineering Department.