Burleigh-Morton Behavioral Health Coalition

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The Burleigh-Morton Behavioral Health Coalition, also known as the Gold Star Community Task Force, was formed in June 2017 as a collaborative effort between the Bismarck-Mandan-Lincoln communities in response to behavioral health and substance abuse issues in the community. The name of the task force was changed to the Burleigh-Morton Behavioral Health Coalition in 2019.

The task force consists of a diverse group of caring and committed individuals who have a vision to create change and make an impact on the current substance abuse and behavioral health issues affecting the local population. Members include representation from law enforcement, healthcare facilities, policymakers, schools, city/county officials, treatment providers, community organizations, community members and youth. 


A safe, healthy, vibrant, and caring community, free of substance abuse, addiction, and behavioral health issues.


To lead and guide a continuum of care model to reduce substance abuse and behavioral health issues in our communities.

Membership List

Members (Updated July 7, 2021)

Next Steps

  • BMBH Student Committee meets once a month
  • BMBH DFC Advisory Committee meets once a month
  • BMBH meets quarterly

Agendas and Meeting Notes

Agendas are available prior to meetings and meeting notes are available following approval in the Agenda Center.

DFC Projects

  • Project Sticker Shock
  • Eyes On Your Cooler
  • Parents Lead Coaster Project
  • Hidden in Plain Sight
  • Prom/Graduation Flyers


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