Women's Way

Program Details

Women's Way is a federally-funded breast and cervical cancer screening program that provides a way to pay for most breast and cervical cancer screenings. Women see their own doctor or nurse practitioner for the exam. For more information, please call (701) 355-1755 or fax (701) 221-3503

What is available?

  1. Clinical breast exams
  2. Mammograms
  3. Pelvic exams
  4. Pap tests
  5. Patient Navigation

Who might be eligible? A woman who:

  1. Lives in North Dakota
  2. Is age 40 through 64
  3. Does not have insurance or has insurance that does not cover Pap tests and/or mammograms or cannot afford to pay deductible or co-payment
  4. Is not enrolled in Medicaid or Medicare Part B
  5. Is age 21 through 39, and: 
  • has breast symptoms (lump) or is due for a Pap test (or have not had a Pap test in the last 3 years )  
  • needs breast and cervical diagnostic procedures 

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2021 Income Guidelines

Household SizeMonthly IncomeYearly Income
1 Person$2,147$25,760
2 People$2,903$34,840
3 People$3,660$43,920
4 People$4,417$53,000
5 People$5,173$62,080
6 People$5,930$71,160
7 People$6,687$80,240
8 People$7,443$89,320
For each additional memberadd $378.33add $4,540

Note: For each additional person, add $4,540 per year or $378.33 per month. For more information call 701-355-1577 or toll free 1-800-449-6636 or fax information to (701) 221-3503.

Program Enrollment

If you meet the age and income guidelines listed here, you may call our office to have an enrollment form sent to you, OR, you may download, print and complete this form (drop off or mail to 500 East Front Ave., Bismarck ND 58504). You may also download, print and complete a Spanish version of the form. A Women's Way representative will contact you with a decision on your eligibility. 

Women's Way Staff


Dawn Brunelle, Women's Way Administrative Assistant; Kjersti Hintz, RN, Women's Way Local Coordinator

Women's Way Resources

  1. Kjersti Hintz

    Women's Way Coordinator

  2. Public Health

    Physical Address
    500 E. Front Ave.
    Bismarck, ND 58504


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